Monday, July 28, 2008

Top Five Rides I'd like to see restored at WDW

While Disney has created some of the greatest rides known to man, some of the decisions to make these rides include the sometimes wrongful closing of rides just as great or even better. I'm not saying Disney should keep every ride (I'll take Soarin over Food Rocks any day) but some of these rides I would like to be restored, in general, not necessarily replacing the ride that replaced it.

5. Journey into Imagination (replaced by Updated Version in 1999)-Everyone loves the Dreamfinder: Not everyone loves Dr. Nigel Channing.
4. Tropical Serenade (Replaced by Under New Management in 1998)-I Loved the original Tiki Room, and I wish they would have updated the technology much like Disneyland's version
3. Horizons (Replaced by Mission Space in 1999)- No Disney, the "Multiple Endings" of Spaceship Earth is not a replacement for Horizons
2. Mr. Toads Wild Ride (Replaced by Winnie the Pooh in 1998)- The moment when Pooh Bear tried to take over the world, in the process destroying one of the most unbelievable rides ever.
1. The Wonders of Life pavilion (Closed in 2007)- I know it is not just one ride, but I adored the entire pavilion. Considering the "problems" with health in today's world, the whole space could be slightly updated to reflect the need to stay healthy.

Honorable Mention: The Living Seas (Replaced by Finding Nemo update in 2006)



Let the Tiki Room--Under New Management, The Seas with Nemo and Friends and the current Imagination ride stay.

Most those changes had to be done and I like them, personally. They do not deserve to be bashed either, IMO.


Oh, and there's nothing wrong the current Spaceship Earth ending either.